PRESS RELEASE - Prisma International Corporation Announces European and Latin American Expansions for 2021

December 31, 2020

Prisma International Corporation has some big plans for 2021. Read more to learn about Prisma's expansion and international offerings.

Atlanta, GA, Dec. 31, 2020 – Atlanta consulting and language services agency Prisma International Corporation announced that they have expanded their services to the Netherlands and Colombia, with two offices incorporated in Rotterdam and Cartagena, respectively. This expansion aims to provide a reliable source of strategic consulting and language services for domestic clients looking to expand abroad as well as attract new international clients.

“We’ve been looking to establish ourselves in these regions for some time now, but we didn’t really have the time and focus to follow through with expansion. The pandemic’s been hard on everyone, but we were able to adjust quickly and revisit expansion discussions. We streamlined our team and shifted focus on what we could do while rolling back normal operations, and it opened up a lot of time for us to look at future plans. I’m happy to say that we’ve been able to achieve something we’ve discussed for so long in such a short amount of time. It’s the silver lining on the dark cloud that’s been this year,” says Maria Craig, Director and Founder of Prisma International Corporation.

Prisma International Corporation’s expansion comes with new service offerings and alterations to their existing consulting services to better suit a global market that’s wrestling with the impact of COVID-19. “Like most companies, we’ve also had to transition to working remotely and dealing with the associated challenges. We’ve made changes that we believe go beyond what’s become standard for everyone and implemented them into our management strategies to great success and growth. It’s been a period of high experimentation and we are excited to share our results with future clients to benefit their management teams,” says Eric Spooren, Senior Project Manager and Implementation Lead at Prisma.

Indeed, the company’s pivot to COVID-resilient strategies has led to some impressive growth for Prisma. In the language services division, contracted staff has gone up by 30.1% to meet client demand and the company is preparing to roll out transcreation and content creation services for companies looking to enter emerging markets internationally. Prisma also seeks to become a preferred provider for language services for various medical facilities in Georgia and South Carolina in 2021.

“Growth is our priority for 2021. This year has given us a lot of time to reflect on what needed to change to not just remain stable but to be in a good position to grow. That being said, we’re always interested in assisting other companies on their path to growth as well. We’re always available to business owners to talk and discuss their concerns about how to navigate the current landscape and be prepared for a post-COVID world,” says Maria Craig.

ABOUT PRISMA INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION Prisma International Corporation is a consulting and language services agency located in Raleigh, NC and Atlanta, GA. Since 2012, Prisma has been offering consulting, training, coaching, human capital, interpreting, and translation services to companies in the manufacturing and industrial sectors as well as health and academic institutions within the research triangle in North Carolina.

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